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What is the difference between The Anonymously Sent and The Anonymously Received tabs in the app?
The Anonymously Sent tab is where you can start a conversation with anyone in your contact list by completely being anonymous to them. Whereas the Anonymously Received tab consists of the people who started a conversation with you, these people will be anonymous to you.
If I send a message to someone where will it appear to the Receiver?

Your Anonymously Sent messages will appear in the Anonymously Received tab in the Receiver's phone.

Will any hacker be able to read my messages?

NO. Your chats are End to End Encrypted. Only the Sender and the Receiver will be able to read those messages. Your Privacy is our responsibility. Not even PingMe can read your chats.

If I Report against an anonymous user, What are the measures PingMe takes against that individual?
Any user who has been Reported against will receive a Warning Alert on their phone stating that they were Reported against by someone due to their misbehavior. We will give a maximum of 3 Warning Alerts. If the anonymous person has been Reported against by 2 other users who also feel that this individual has misbehaved, We will Blacklist their account in our database and that individual will not be able to use PingMe ever again.
How will I remain Anonymous when I send a message to someone?
We developed a unique algorithm that will generate a code number in the form of "Ex:- #KL4F56TY2R5T6Y" which will be shown to the Receiver instead of your name/phone number. 
You will also be given a set of emojis to pick from, shown to the receiver as your EMOJI PIC(EP) instead of your Display Pic(DP). This is to make sure that you are 100% anonymous to the Receiver.
Is it necessary for the Receiver to have the PingMe app installed on their phone?

Yes. To ensure your Privacy, Anonymity & Trust we only allow communication within our app.

What should I do when an anonymous person Cyberbullies me?

Don't worry. We got you covered. You will find a dropdown ellipsis icon in the chat room at the top right corner ( 3 vertical dots). Where you can block the person by pressing the BLOCK button and you can also report your query by pressing the REPORT button. We will make sure strict action will be taken against that anonymous person.

What if I face an issue while using the app?

We have a 24/7 dedicated Customer Support team to help you solve your needs. We would love to assist you in your journey to feel Your Ultimate Freedom of Expression.

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